Freshness and safety are our highest priorities, and we work extremely hard to ensure that we are providing our customers with the freshest and safest possible fresh-cut fruit and vegetables. The quality, freshness, safety, and traceability of our products are ensured by:

  • Starting with fresh, high quality produce
  • An in-house HACCP program
  • Independent third-party audits
  • Certified Quality Control staff
  • Employee training
  • Pest control
  • Routine mock recalls
  • Daily Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's)
  • Traceability procedures, such as lot labeling

Ensuring that our customers receive a consistently safe and healthy finished product is of the utmost importance to us at Vegetable Fresh.  Certified quality control staff, our HACCP plan, and frequent third-party audits help keep us at the forefront of food safety.

The four critical aspects of food safety are:



Maintaining the Cold Chain

During transit to our facility and after arrival, the temperature of our produce is strictly monitored and maintained between 33 and 36 degrees (F).


Bacteria/Foreign Material Control

In addition to strict temperature controls, our quality control staff, and proper washing of all products work to kill existing bacteria and limit further bacterial growth.  Quality control and metal detection steps help to ensure a product free of anything except the fresh product our customers have come to expect.



Our packaging films are designed to allow a controlled amount of oxygen into the bag, while still allowing carbon dioxide out.  This breathable technology keeps the product "alive" and fresh throughout its shelf life.



All of our employees have been trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's).  We have an in-house Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Pragram (HACCP) and have frequent third-party audits.  We also run regular self-auditss to ensure HACCP compliance.


We believe these programs and all of our efforts for continuous improvement help to make us better than our competition; you might say we're...

A cut above the rest!