Vegetable Fresh was founded in 1983.  At that time, a need was arising for pre-cut produce as restaurants were looking for ways to ease congestion in the kitchen, make things more safe, and speed up prep time.  As restaurants began using more pre-cut produce, they realized the overall savings and value of the product, and although pre-cut produce was an anomaly in 1983, it soon became a necessity for many cooks and chefs.

After we started the business, finding equipment to produce the product quickly became our biggest hurdle.  Few, if any, companies made any large-scale machines to process pre-cut vegetables, and we were forced to have equipment custom made or retrofitted.  A clothes washing machine was used as our first centrifuge, and set on the spin cycle, drained the wash water from the finished product.

Equipment companies soon began to recognize the demand for better, more efficient machinery.  The equipment in our plant is now highly sophisticated and is built and designed specifically for our industry.

Vegetable Fresh operated out of Chicago's South Water Market Street location for about 20 years before moving to our new location on Jefferson Street, which we had built to our specifications in order to create a safe, efficient, and sanitary pre-cut plant.  We now have the ability to handle any quantity or type of pre-cut produce order or any special request item that our customers require.  We specialize in quick response, without compromising on the quality, freshness, or safety of our product.

From our start over thirty years ago, we have grown from a small company with antiquated equipment into a very sophisticated company, following our HACCP plan with stringent quality control.  We follow strict guidelines dealing with sanitation, GMP's, and trace-ability.  We are also kosher and organic certified to meet any need you might have.  We are proud of our facility, our people, and the product that we sell.  Order from Vegetable Fresh with confidence in quality and product safety.