Vegetable Fresh has certified quality control staff on the production floor at all times in order to ensure that our products are safe and that they meet our customers' specifications and expectations.

The finest quality fresh-cut produce must begin with the finest quality raw fruits and vegetables. Vegetable Fresh's Supplier Control Policy contains strict requirements which ensure that Vegetable Fresh's vendors are reliable suppliers of high quality produce.  Upon entering our facility, all produce is first inspected and checked for the proper temperature, quality, and freshness.  After that, quality control staff continues to monitor the raw product during storage and again upon entrance into our production facility.

Once produce has entered the production facility, our quality control staff is responsible for monitoring the overall process, as well as the temperature, pH, and chlorine levels of the wash water.  Then, after the fresh-cut produce has been washed, our quality control staff also checks the temperature of the finished product and visually inspects the freshly cut produce before and during packaging.

Only after all of these steps have been satisfied do we allow our product to leave our plant.